What Microsoft Giveth, Microsoft taketh away.

The poorly documented but much used WindowsUpdateProvider module that has been around since 1703 is not in 2004 (20h1)

If you had a dependency on Start-WUScan or Install-WUUpdates it’s time to update your code.

You can use PSWindowsUpdate as in:

#region First Time
[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12 # PowerShellGallery dropped Ssl3 and Tls as of 1 April 2020
Set-PSRepository -Name PSGallery -InstallationPolicy Trusted 
Remove-Module PSWindowsUpdate -Force -EA 0 
Install-Module PSWindowsUpdate -Force 
Import-Module PSWindowsUpdate 
Get-Module PSWindowsUpdate 
Add-WUServiceManager -ServiceID 7971f918-a847-4430-9279-4a52d1efe18d -Confirm:$false 
Get-WUInstall –MicrosoftUpdate –AcceptAll –AutoReboot 
Enable-WURemoting -LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy:$true -WinRMPublic:$true 

#region Repeat
Install-WindowsUpdate -AcceptAll -Install -AutoReboot -MicrosoftUpdate -Confirm:$false 
Get-WUHistory | select -First 10 | FT -a 

I’m aware of that module… however I have to use a private repo and all code must be signed by a trusted signer.