Web Browser in Forms

Hi Chaps,

I am trying to add a web browser object to a form that displays a webpage with embedded twitter feed.
Seem simple enough - the webpage works fine, however for some reason the web browser object in PS wont load the full page & seems to stop when it gets to the part of the embedded html.

Why am I trying to do this? I am putting together a self help tool that users can launch to fix their computers/troubleshoot rather than them phoning our IT support straight away.
The thinking is, IT support update the companies twitter feed when we have problems so if I can get it to display the last 10 tweets on the first tab then it may save someone sitting on hold for 15 minutes.

Can anyone help me please?
Google has been useless, as when you add twitter to the search the relevance of all results goes out of the window.


I think it might be easier to just have PowerShell launch Internet Explorer’s executable, passing it the URL you want to display. Embedded web browsers are complex, especially from a security perspective, and the embedded web browser COM control doesn’t have full Javascript capability, for example.

And that embedded browser is ultimately a COM component, which doesn’t always play super-nice with .NET (e.g., PowerShell).

Or, use Invoke-WebRequest to query Twitter directly for the most recent tweets, and display them on your own.

Thank you!

That’s what I needed to know, couldn’t find any info about the Java side of things, that’s where it’s failing.
Webpage it is.

Thanks again