IE com object with Win 7 IE 9 doesn't work


I had a script for the application L1 team in my Org who use to monitor a application login using a powershell automation. I used the following concept.
However, recently we had a Win 7 Upgrade for all L1 Staffs. And since then this script has stopped working.
I digged into the script and Found out that the issue is with when you do;
This completely makes the object blank!. I tried launching PS in Run as Admin and it worked.
However this will not work for the L1 team as they won’t have Admin access to the kiosk they work on. This is a major issue now. I am game completely rewriting the script, however haven’t had a success yet. I found there is a WebBrowser class in System.Windows.Forms namespace, not sure if this will work.
Any Advise is helpful.

The WebBrowser class is something to try; it’s pretty different in that it doesn’t control a separate IE window, though. It sounds like you’re simply running into a security issue. Windows 7 is a lot more security-segmented than Windows XP was, so I’m not surprised.