Using powershell to import from one excel to another

Before I go down the rabbit hole, wanted to see if someone has tried this and will let me know if it’s a possibility.
My use case.
I am getting 3 separate reports in excel for users on my team every morning. They are reports for service now Tasks, Work orders, and Incidents. I’m going to set this up through outlook to be automatically saved to a location on my computer.
I want to create 7 different excels, one for each user, and put 3 tabs on each, one for each report.
So what i want to do is create a script to pull all of User1’s tasks from the task excel that gets saved in the morning, and put it on the task worksheet of the User1’s individual excel. Then do the same for User1 with Incidents and Work orders on their respective worksheet in the same excel.
Then proceed to do the same for the other 6 users.

Just checking to see if this is possible, and if anyone could offer some guidance on where to start if so.

I would reach out to our reporting team and see if they could just send me granular reports, but it took 2 months just for them to set this up for me. So i’m not sure how long it would take for them to create a report for each individual user.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Poor you. That sounds like a very boring and repetitive task for an intelligent human being. :smirk:

If the format of the reports you get is consistent it should be possible. You should take a look at the great module from Doug Finke ImportExcel.

That makes it easy to deal with Excel sheets even without the need for an installed Excel.


Well I don’t see that example being used anywhere, and I don’t see it on his github repository as an example, but the module definitely looks cool. Would have to work on it from the ground up.

Hmmm … I’d say it will be quite unlikely that someone has the exact same requirement like you. So I’m afraid you will have to come up with an own solution. :wink: :man_shrugging:t4: