Use PowerShell to Create Terminal Server Profiles

I have spent quite a bit of time googling to try and figure this out and can’t seem to find an answer. I am involved in a Terminal Server rebuild project where we need to create local user profiles for 75 different users. We are hoping to avoid having to login as every single user and then logging off. Is this something PowerShell can handle? We have a list of all their usernames and credentials.

Why would you be logging in to create RDS local profiles? At worst I would expect you to have a properly configured default profile or group policy preferences configured to set up the user’s session properly.

I need the user profile folders to exist first so that I can copy over settings from previously used user profile disks

You can create profiles by running:

runas /user:DOMAIN\USER cmd.exe

for everyuser you want to create profile. Powershell would help you to automate it for your 75 users :slight_smile:

Hi Jacob,

I think it would be easier to copy the profiles onto a file server and configure the Remote Desktop profile path for each user or via GPO. Once you have roaming profiles configured Windows will copy down the profile automatically.

Another alternative would be to introduce Microsoft UE-V in the old environment before the rebuild. UE-V will save the settings you’ve selected onto the users home drive.

P.S. Local profiles on terminal servers are never a good idea. Roaming profiles can become very large and the last log off wins. Would be better to use UE-V or another product to only roam settings.