Create local user accounts by PS on remote computers


I am trying to create a simple script that prompts a local admin user to create a local user account on 6 remote computers in a Windows Workgroup. The script should prompt for the name of the user, password, and the group to which it will be a member of, and repeats the execution of the commands in all 6 computers while the script initiated only once. All 6 computers have the admin account with the same username/password.

I know the PS commands that can be used are - New-LocalUser, Add-LocalGroupMember and PSSession, but I just can’t make it automated enough to run with the minimal input by a local admin.

I tried the following script and saved it on PC01 to run from Powershell. However it gives an error that account already exists whenever it tries to create the account on PC02 and PC03 after it successfully creates the account on PC01. Also it does not Read host when remoting in to PCs.

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName PC01 New-localUser Add-LocalGroupMember -Group Users Exit-PSSession Enter-PSSession -ComputerName PC02 New-localUser Add-LocalGroupMember -Group Users Exit-PSSession Enter-PSSession -ComputerName PC03 New-localUser Add-LocalGroupMember -Group Users Exit-PSSession


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The cmdlet

is made for interactive use. If you want to remote into another computer from a script you should use

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