Upgrading xWebAdministration Module/DSC Resource

I’m trying to upgrade the xWebAdministration DSC Resource that was originally delivered with the DSC Resource Kit 10. I ran into an issue trying to set the IIS Bindings when providing the thumbprint of the certificate to install. This is a feature I am adding to a configuration had a working prior.

I know they stopped delivering the DSC resources via kits and I am looking at the PowerShell Gallery to update. I need to run my configuration on a Windows 7 box with WMF 4.0. So I took my Windows 10 box, ran Save-Module xWebAdministration so I could inspect it and copy over the module to my Win 7 box. The updated resource isn’t found for some reason on the Win 7 box. I tried just copying in my Win 10 box and I get the same result. If I instead actually run Install-Module the configuration will run on Win 10 box. I am looking to avoid install the PackageManagement module on all of my infrastructure at the moment. My questions are as follows:

  1. Is there a way to download and just copy modules and get them to work? What is Install-Module doing that allows the module to work that doesn’t allow the copied version to work?

  2. Is there another ready to go option for configuring SSL bindings on an IIS site that I am just missing?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,