Upgrade PS v2 and PS v3 to PS v4


This is my first post… I’m baby stepping in PS and want to know the best way to upgrade PowerShell V2 and v3 to v4 in some boxes that I have.
Can I install KB2819745 by WSUS or GPO?
Which way is the best one?


You can install any of them by whatever means you like. Although, for machines where it’s compatible, I’d suggest moving right to v5. Be very cautious on servers, though, as some server software is “tied” to a specific version of PowerShell, and you can break things like Exchange Server by installing a version it doesn’t like.


In the first round I’ll upgrade just web servers…and I want to make my park uniform with v4 and be able to use WinRM to manage them with Invoke-Command.
After this maybe I will put v5.
For now, thank you!