Updating On-Premise SharePoint Site with PowerShell

There is a lot of information regarding SharePoint + PowerShell integration. However, I have not been able to list or update contents with our SharePoint 2016 on-premise environment. I am basically just trying to check boxes on a SharePoint site via PowerShell. Most of the cmdlets I have found are for SharePoint online or various REST API calls. I am not even sure what to send via json if I were to use a REST API to do that. If anyone has any suggestions as how to view the content via PowerShell as a first step and then check the boxes for the content as a secondary step, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Jeff,

Have you read through the PowerShell Server cmdlets for Sharepoint? What check boxes are you trying to check? Do you have any code in general you have explored? The more details you give the easier we can help you or point you in the right direction.