Update help without using administrator access

Is there a way to update the help files without using the administrator access? In some enviroment the administrator account cannot access out side our company but our local user account can.

But the local user is not an administrator so the update will fail. Does Microsoft have a way to just download help files and then run the update to point PowerShell to this file and have it update the help files.


You can use save-Help to download the help files to a network share & then point update-help at the share to perform the installs. With PowerShell v4 Save-Help can download help files for modules installed on local and remote machines but PowerShell v3 only allows for modules on local machine. If you have a mixture of PowerShell v3 & v4 you’ll need to maintain 2 sets of files - one for each version - as they aren’t compatible. Check the help files for save-help; update-help and about_Updatable_Help

Keep in mind that the core cmdlet help is installed in System32. One reason you may need to be a local Admin to update it is due to the permissions on the System32 folder hierarchy. This will be a problem even if you’ve downloaded the help by using Save-Help; without rights to the folder hierarchy, PowerShell won’t be able to install the files.

Thanks Richard that will work because I can run PowerShell as an Admin so should it should not be an issue once I have the file download to point to the update-help files on a local share.