Unable to get the Output of Hashtable in Table format

output of below script is showing in hashtable format.

foreach($computer in $computername){
$filebeat_status_before = get-service -name filebeat -computername $computer
get-service -name filebeat -computername $computer |Restart-Service
$filebeat_status_after = get-service -name filebeat -computername $computer

$props = [ordered]@{'computername'=$computer;'status_before'=$filebeat_status_before.Status;'status_after'=$filebeat_status_after.status
$obj = New-Object -TypeName PSobject -Property $props

write-output "$obj"

Output is showing as below
@{computername=XYZ; status_before=Running; status_after=Running}

but it should show as below:
computername = XYZ
status_before = Stopped
status_after = Running

Any thoughts how to fix this output format.

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I’d use a [PSCustomObject] instead of a hashtable in such a case. It’s even easier to read and maintain.

foreach ($computer in $computername) {
    $filebeat_status_before = Get-Service -Name filebeat -ComputerName $computer
    Get-Service -Name filebeat -ComputerName $computer | Restart-Service
    $filebeat_status_after = Get-Service -Name filebeat -ComputerName $computer

        ComputerName  = $computer
        Status_Before = $filebeat_status_before.Status
        Status_After  = $filebeat_status_after.Status
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