Trying to learn what this line of PS code does

Morning all,
Somewhat new to PS and ran into a line of code that I do not understand; Line of code is this: $psData | %{‘{0}|{1}|{2}|{3}|{4}’ -f $[0],$[1],$[2],$[3],$_[4] } >> “c:\users\johna\Elements.txt”

The pipe append to an folder and filename is clearly understood, as well as the piping of the input “$psData” variable, but what I’ve not been able to find is a description of %{‘{0}|{1}|{2}|{3}|{4}’ -f $[0],$[1],$[2],$[3],$_[4] }
Looking at the content of the Elements.txt it seems clear that the 0-4 are four ‘|’ values, but like to understand how it works.


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You may start your research looking for the “PowerShell format operator -f”:

or here

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