Thank you for a big win Powershell community!

I just wanted to send a big thank you out to all the members of the community who contribute to the many threads, discussions, and questions that are out there on this and many other websites. Your input was extremely valuable in cobbling together a solution that will save my company a HUGE amount of labor and provide a new service that was not even really available due to the massive manual labor costs involved in the process. I can’t thank you all enough.

We have an old legacy ERP system with an Informix backend that is extremely painful to get anything out of. One task that is commonly asked by our salesforce can take our service group many hours to accomplish for even just a single customer. I just built a tool using XAML and PowerShell that our service group can use to fulfill this same request in mere seconds.

To say the smile on the service manager’s face was LARGE when he hit OK and 60 work orders printed up without having to spend hours gathering them all up in a legacy ERP application may be an understatement.

This was a big win and laid out the foundation for RAPIDLY building quick LOB applications at an extremely low cost.

XAML (UI) + .NET Framework (Data Manipulation/Retrieval) + PowerShell (engine) = amazing ROI

And now I have reusable components that tap into my ERP system and I can start to build out Payroll or Inventory or Accounts Payables applications without even needing a compiler.

PowerShell ISE + kaxaml and I can build just about anything now.

Now if you can just make it so I can reference classes from a module, you will have an almost perfect architecture…