Test-Connection error

I’m building a network status html page. Everything works the I want it to work so far.

But, I noticed that sometimes, I get this error
Test-Connection : Testing connection to computer ‘’ failed: Error due to lack of resources

This is my syntax:

Test-Connection -Count 1 -Quiet

I know this is not a real IP address, so it should be coming as “False”, but I’m getting the message.



Not precise, but some useful workarounds: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41267553/powershell-test-connection-failed-due-to-lack-of-resources

It might also be useful to bypass the Test-Connection wrapper and just use the Win32_PingStatus class directly. You’d query that from your local computer and have it try to ping whatever address, and then interpret the status codes yourself.

Thank you Don. I’ll give that a try.