Target list with Get-Content

Having trouble figuring out why my foreach works with literal values and not with get-content. When I uncomment the get-content line and then comment the second $targets line, the foreach statement correctly loads the target list, but doesn’t execute the function, which is starting a scheduled task on the remote server.

However, if I give a literal targets list like the example below, works just fine. Any thoughts?

#$targets = Get-Content “\ServerShare\ServerList.txt”
$targets = “Server1”,“Server2”

foreach ($target in $targets)
Invoke-Command -computername $target -ScriptBlock ${Function:Run-Function} -ArgumentList $target -jobname $target -AsJob


Hi Matt, what’s the output of $targets using Get-Content “\ServerShare\ServerList.txt” after you run the script? What I suspect is the script cannot access the path \ServerShare\ServerList.txt