Struggling with PS Credentials

hi everyone,
first of all thanks to infos found in forums i was able to set my PCs for remoting
Now I am able to use commands like Invoke-Command and Enter_PSSession like a boss ^^

To do so I activated the administratr user on both PCs so i can work on one remoting to the other each ways.

My very rookie question, and i apologize for that, is about -Credentials parameter, wich I use passing the local
admin username and password (i mean local to the remote pc). This work flawlessly.

But: what if i want to use the main user credentials, which is a the Microsoft Account used to register my OS license?

  • I already tried to pass the local username and PIN (the alphanumeric string used to log in Windows 10).
  • I even tried to pass the Microsoft Account Username (the e-mail) and password.
  • I even tried combination of both without any usefull result.

My main Windows account, sinoath, has admin rights so I think this isn’t the problem in my case
Maybe the authorization check of the commands i mentioned is possible only with local accounts…

Any tip or suggestion will be appreciated
Thanks in advance

What exactly are you trying to do? Can you share code? Are you trying to authenticate on the local machine with these credentials?

what am I trying to do is to open a PS Session with the credentials of user sinoath (that is part of Admin Group) instead of the default Admin user automatically created by the windows OS. The commands I’m using are:

`$cred Get-Credential -Credential administrator`

`Enter_PSSession Server1 -Credential $cred`

This work just fine. The first line popup a window, i write the password for administrator user and thats it. But when I try to use my default account, which is sinoath (that is part of Admin Group too) i cant understand what combination of username password i have to insert.
User sinoath is the one i used to register the license of windows 10 pro, and in fact it is a Microsoft account, bind to an hotmail e-mail. I also did set up a pin for sinoath user to log in windows OS and neighter this combination sinoath/pin nor the hotmail/password

My question is: Credentials accepted by the commands i wrote are only local ones or i can feed Microsoft Account credentials? If it is so, how can i do it?

I’m sorry for my poor english and i hope i explained myself better
thanks for the help