Start-Transcript Question

Hi All,

First post - be kind.

I have been developing a script on a 2012R2 server. Within this script I have been using the Start-Transcript and Stop-Transcript CMD-LETS via ISE without a problem.

After transferring the script to another 2012R2 server I have an issue running the script via ISE;

Start-Transcript : Transcription cannot be started.

It works directly on the console, but not via ISE.

Doing a bit of googling, I understand that Start-Transcript is not supported in the ISE on V4 and below.

What is confusing me is when I do a $PSVersionTable.PSVersion the Major is 4 on both the original server that I developed the script on and the new server…

What am I missing / doing wrong?

Also - Upgrading to Major 5 + may not be an option on the new server.

Appreciate any suggestions - thank you

Is there more to the error you are receiving?
Usually the next line has more data about the error.

Also, I have seen issues in the past with special characters in the path, how are you calling Start-Transcript.

Transcription in ISE works in V4. Can you share us the complete error message.

to make it simpler to explain i have opened a new Untitled.ps1 via ISE on the server I want to run it on. 2012R2

in the script there are 2 lines

Start-Transcript -Path “C:\temp\temp.txt”



When i click run I get;

Start-Transcript : This host does not support transcription.

At line:1 char:1

  • Start-Transcript -Path “C:\temp\temp.txt”

+CategoryInfo : NotImplemented: (:slight_smile: [Start-Transcript], PSNotSupportedException

+FullyQualifiedErrorId : NotSupported.Microsoft.Powershell.Commands.StartTranscriptCommand


Stop-Transcript : This host does not support transcription.

At line:2 char:1

  • Stop-Transcript

+CategoryInfo : NotImplemented: (:slight_smile: [Stop-Transcript], PSNotSupportedException

+FullyQualifiedErrorId : NotSupported.Microsoft.Powershell.Commands.StopTranscriptCommand


Can you share the result of

Get-WindowsFeature -name PowerShell*

Display Name Name Install State

[X] Windows Powershell PowershellRoot Installed

[X]Windows Powershell 4.0 Powershell Installed

[ ] Windows Powershell 2.0 Engine Powershell-V2 Removed

[X] Windows Powershell ISE Powershell-ISE Installed