Split PDF by Bookmarks, Export to folder

Hello everyone,

I have a huge project I need to turn around pretty quickly. I am hoping there is a powershell solution for it.

I have over 40,000 pdf files, each with about 500 pages. I need to be able to look at each of those 40k files and split them up at the top bookmark level. After split, I need to name the split files the same as the bookmark names, however, I need to tag those names with a number that is included in the file name of the original pdf. After that, I need to export the new individual files to a folder specifically for that particular original file. I would then need to move to the next file and do the same thing for the remainder of the 40,000 files.

Is there any way to do this with powershell? I have found some things regarding adobe and javascript, but I am not sure I have time to learn that because none of it was very clear to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Nothing native in PowerShell, no; you’d need to acquire a library that knows how to crack open a PDF and understand the contents. It’d be as easy in PowerShell as in any other language; it’s the library you end up using that imposes whatever complexity there is. I don’t have a particular library to recommend, though, and many better ones are commercial.

Thanks, Don. I was afraid of that. Something I will have to explore down the road.

This may be of help