Some users miss the code format button

From time to time there are users missing the code format button when they write a post. Or at least when they try to edit an already existing post to fix the formatting of their code.

Here is the last example I came across.

I do not see that in my bar, I usually just manually add the ` around the content. Using Edge browser.

For me it looks like this :
But for some users the button for the preformatted text is missing. … like in the screenshot in the linked thread. :man_shrugging:t3:

I’m using Vivaldi most of the time.

This is what I see:


That’s strange. Shouldn’t it look the same for all users? Maybe an admin could investigate … :man_shrugging:t3: … and maybe fix …

Looks like you have the ability to create ol\li lists too. Using your fancy browser.

Not sure if this helps:

I do have the icon in the toolbar in Edge and FireFox on Windows 10, and FireFox on Ubuntu.

On other devices (Android, FireOS) the option is not on the toolbar, but it’s under the gear icon.

It looks the same when I use Chrome. :wink:

Did you check under the gear icon? It has extra items in there.

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Looks like that’s where they are hiding, thanks for the tip @krzydoug! Maybe there is logic after you use it so many times that it pins to your bar?