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Hello everybody,
I asked a question, and then realised I made an error with a code quotation, it was not closed.
Then I tried to edit it, and while I did that an automat hid the thread as a spam.
Well, that is quite OK, the thread was not ready for publication, but how do I edit it, now ?

  • Gloops,
    Welcome to the forum. :wave:t4:

I corrected it. :+1:t4: :wink:

In general when you want to post code, sample data, console output or error messages please format it as code using the preformatted text button ( </> ). Simply place your cursor on an empty line, click the button and paste your code.

Thanks in advance

How to format code in PowerShell.org <---- Click :point_up_2:t4: :wink:

I saw that, thank you.
Do we consider this thread is obsolete, or are there any tips for anybody in the same situation when you are not there ?

It’s all fine. :wink:

It helps to read the welcome message or the explanation how to format code on the forum.

Sometimes the forum software is a little picky about the SPAM markers it recognizes.

Well, this is what I did, and as you edited and saw everything in the quotation, I imagine you saw it.
But it is not enough. You also have to insert a new line below the quotation, before inserting it.
But correcting that afterwards takes some time, of course.
I already did this error elsewhere, and maybe shall do it again, but of course for a new user it is tricky :slight_smile:

The forum software does that actually for you. When you place your cursor on an empty line and click the preformatted text button (</>) :wink:

But it’s ok. Sometime we do mistakes and learn from it. :man_shrugging:t4:

I inserted a new quotation now, and in fact I saw the end of quotation.
But the first time, maybe I began too quickly to type something else, and the end of quotation disappeared —or maybe I did not interpret it correctly, and clicked at a wrong place. And as this remains me something, this makes me think that it deserves a little attention.

I’d expect you to get used to it when you come more often in the future. :+1:t4: :wink: :love_you_gesture:t4:

For sure :slight_smile:
Oh I am not supposed to be so brief, so I have to say it a second time :
for sure :slight_smile:

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