Show the updating item when do a Invoke-GPUpdate (closed by powershell repo)

No mater we are doing an Invoke-GPUpdate or gpupdate .
It shows me nothing except that “updating policy”.

However , company has tones of gpo objects. and DC is in a office that far away from the client.
It took a very very long time to update GPO. Sometimes I wonder whether the update process is dead or not. nothing happen.

If Invoke-GPUpdate comes with a verbose-like parameter , which will show updating xxx gpo objects. completed xxx gpo object , updating xxxx gpo object , completed xxxx gpo objects … ,then things will be much better.

Any one can give me some tips to implement this feature

What is your question / use case?

If -verbose gives you what you want, that is what -verbose is for. There is not another parameter / switch available.

The cmdlet has to be written to provide verbosity. -Verbose is a common property of advanced cmdlets.

Do you look at the help file for the cmdlet to see if it supports the -verbose parameter.

Always look to the help files first.

# get function / cmdlet details

(Get-Command -Name Invoke-GPUpdate).ParametersKeys
Get-help -Name Invoke-GPUpdate -Full
Get-help -Name Invoke-GPUpdate -Online
Get-help -Name Invoke-GPUpdate -Examples

Don’t make assumptions about what a module / cmdlet / function will / will not do. Look at its details to find out. PowerShell is now Open Source (well Core is), which means you can just look at the underlying code to see what it is doing. It either provide what you want, you have to code for it.

Hey , I did check the help from get-help invoke-update -full , and always be my first choice.

To make my question clearly. see bellow:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\alex>gpupdate /force
Updating Policy…

Company deploy many gpo objects to client. let’s say there are 30 items. but the connection to the server is very slowly. I wait a long time but it still doesn’t show me the GPO update is completed. during the whole process I can not any output on the screen except these words “Updating Policy…

So, if we can see the whole update process (the detail) as bellow with improved invoke-gpupdate , then we can think my computer is still working , not getting stuck

C:\Users\alex>invoke-gpupdate -detail -force
Updating the first Policy…
Complete the first Policy…
Updating the second Policy…
Complete the second Policy…

Updating the 30th policy …
Complete the 30th policy …

User Policy update has completed successfully.
Computer Policy update has completed successfully.

What I want is hope MS PS team can improve invoke-gpupdate , can make it work like above

Any one can provide a similar way to implement that