how to force update domain gpo for a domain user via powershell

A normal domain user log into on workstation . her domain username is

I log into the same workstation from powershell console remotely, and user gpresult /USER /R

I found her account does not load the GPO completely. miss one of GPOs

How can I force update the domain GPO for this user ?

Any cmd or cmdlet work like gpupdate /force /user xxx.xx.

BTW, I do not have quite a lot of AD knowledge , just want to get help from here.

Invoke-GPUpdate -Computer computer1 -Target User -Slient -Force

You can try this. It will target the current logged on user. If you run the same without the -Target, it will refresh the user and computer settings.


Hey ,

Thanks , and Invoke-GPUpdate is not present on every workstation , Add-WindowsCapability -Name Rsat.GroupPolicy* -Online must be done for my case (win 10)


There’s always
gpupdate /target:user

that you could use instead.

That is true, you could use Invoke-Command and run gpupdate /target:user against remote computers. I like to use Invoke-GPUpdate since it accepts pipeline input and can be run on remote computers.