Share Permissions on NAS (Without WMI)

Hello, this is my first topic so please allow me to say HELLO to all of you :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Powershell since the last year and i fallen with love with that language, but recently at my work we transitioned a new domain where precesses look a bit different i almost create a tool using powershell to manage simple tasks (add/remove/query local groups/users on nas’es) for our help desk but there is only missing (I’ve been looking for the answer for a week) a information how to query Share Permissions on system where WMI is not running (NAS Filler).

i can’t use non standard applications (only these installed with win2k12) My company policy is very restrictive and i cant use any external tools.

thanks for any help!

The NAS would need to provide its own API for querying that information. Some NAS solutions, like NetApp, provide PowerShell commands for their products. Other brands don’t. if the NAS doesn’t expose an API for querying the information from PowerShell, then doing so may be difficult or impossible.