how to find files that don't appear in File Explorer...file permissions?

In File explorer I did a search; it found a file (a bunch actually)

However, when I browsed to the folder where the search said it was, it wasn’t listed. When I tried to open the file from the search results window, I discovered that I (admin) do not have permissions and so was not allowed.

Question: How can I search/find all such files on the NAS box (see below) and local disks and change their permission so I can see and use them. This is a job for Powershell, yes?

There is a unix-based NAS box involved, and the problematic file may be on or have been at some point - I don’t remember that or the exact search. I haven’t been able to come up with another search whose results show the same problem.

Overall goal is to offload all those files (and all other files) to an HPFS drive such that I can see and use them. The NAS box in question will, without question, go away once I’m sure I have everything from it.


If you don’t have permission, then you don’t have permission. The NAS is likely implementing a permission bit that hides the file from you; PowerShell doesn’t necessarily have any super powers to override that. While Windows will typically SHOW you files you don’t have permission to read (unless ABE is turned on), other systems behave differently.

Thanks, those are useful tips; I’ll try them. My Win7 account has administrator permissions and the machine is standalone (no AD), and I created the files in the first place. I’m hoping to be able to give myself full permissions on the files as long as I can view them in Win7. The little NAS box is of course set up to provide NetBIOS access, but I’m concerned that the underlying Unix permissions are the limiting factor. The little NAS box is so limited that there’s no way to even see the actual Unix files from its interface.

Any further thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

PS For anyone who reads this, I recommend to stay away from Vantec Nexstar GigaNAS (NST-610NU-N1)