Set-ADuser in the Notes field (Telephones Tab)

Hi everyone!

Does someone know how to write on a new line in the Notes field ?

When I go for “Set-ADUser -Identity $Login -Replace @{info=‘XX YY’}”, I have XX and YY on the same line, is there an option which can put YY on a new line ?

The goal is to have in the Notes field :



Instead of : XX YY

Thanks for the help!


You can use a line feed character in your string:

Set-ADUser -Identity $Login -Replace @{info="XX`nYY"}


Already tried and the result in the Notes field is XXYY on the same line :confused:

Have you tried to search for it? … it took me 30 seconds! :wink:

Of course I’ve searched for it, just found solutions which not working :slight_smile:

It works with n and r together, I’ve only tried separately …

Thanks for your help Olaf!