Sessions and Invoke-command

For the Love of God - where can we tell MS to add “-skipbrokensessions” to the invoke-command?

With a list of 40 sessions (ONLY 40 - God only knows what the admins of 1000s do), when 4 people log off - it takes 2-5 minutes to TIMEOUT and no option to break out.

I’m already using PSsessionoption which doesn’t work. All timesouts are set to 2 seconds with 1 retry - which is ignored while it retries 20 or so times.

Do I really have to write functions to Send as Job, wait job, receive job and cancel jobs - just because they haven’t realized that end users log off periodically? It’s great that your alpha code worked on the 2 virtual machines you used for testing, but maybe get some feedback and realize that not everyone stays logged in during your testing like you do.