Sending an e-mail notification at a certain time.

Hello Everyone,

I need your help.

I want to write a powershell script that at 3:00pm everyday it will check the outlook mailbox and if their is an e-mail it will send me a notification that their is an e-mail in the mailbox.

Is this doable? Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone.





If you have access to the outlook mailbox why not create a rule that forwards the email to wherever you’d like it to go?

I’m sure there are ways to monitor exchange, but the script would most certainly need to run in a security context of a user with permissions, the message would have to be checked for date as well (you wouldn’t want yesterday’s email to be forwarded tomorrow).

You could create a scheduled task that runs a script utilizing the Exchange cmdlets or the EWS Managed API: GitHub - OfficeDev/ews-managed-api

You can set a scheduled task on the user client to do this with PS and Outlook COM if you are trying to do this at the Exchange server, then what Matt said, but that also requires you or the account you use to have the Exchange Application Impersonation role or delegation rights on every user mailbox in order to read them. Many risk management / Security and Exchange admin are not prone to allow this for obvious reasons.