Resending Emails from Outlook


I’m a decent powershell scripter…but I had a request today that I’m not sure is possible. Well it definitely isn’t with my current coding experience! or lack of!

So trying to do this:

  1. Search several mailboxes sent items
  2. Find specific emails based on date range
  3. Resend each of those emails

I know with powershell we can search the mailbox and filter based on the date range but I don’t think you do much with it.
So wondering if anybody with Exchange EWS experience…if this would be possible?
or maybe if anybody has any suggestions on how to do this?


I’m not sure this is possible, at least with PowerShell. You might be able to cobble something with MAPI but I’m skeptical - you’d be exercising “send on behalf of” permissions, and those have always been odd programmatically.

Yeah…I had a feeling that might be the case with powershell.
I know some things are easier with the EWS API…but i’m just not familiar enough with that to do anything with it.

Found some links i’m going through…

EWS - Get Items
EWS - Sending
EWS - Forwarding Emails

Oh well…guess they will just have to do it all by hand!

You’d probably have to resort to the builtin scripting language, VBA.