search-mailbox including the online archive

by PS-MAX at 2013-02-19 02:29:08


i will search an mailbox for emails with specific subject. this search will inlcude the online archive of the mailbox, but doesn’t work.

my ps command:
Search-Mailbox -Identity [i]MyMailboxAlias[/i]-SearchQuery “Subject:that’s the subject, blah blah” -TargetMailbox [i]TheTarget[/i]-TargetFolder Search-Mailbox-Result -LogLevel Full

the result is nothing found, but i know there is an email in my online Archive with this subject.
in the help of the search-mailbox i found only the parameter -DoNotIncludeArchive

by PS-MAX at 2013-02-19 02:31:16
My ps command (wrong formatting above):
Search-Mailbox -Identity MyMailboxAlias-SearchQuery “Subject:that’s the subject, blah blah” -TargetMailbox TheTargetName-TargetFolder Search-Mailbox-Result -LogLevel Full