Global search on Exchange (Cloud Environment)


We have a hybrid environment.
I need to find out all cloud users that received a message. All I have is the SUBJECT and DATE range.
Any ideas on the PowerShell command or script?

I am able to find a message given the user name with…

Search-Mailbox -identity  -SearchQuery subject:' AND (Received:)' -TargetMailbox  -TargetFolder 

…but I need to do a global search, across all users.

Have you tried this?

 get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | search-mailbox -searchquery....

Jon, yes thanks that would work.
Although when I tried that, it spun for a hour or so and then gave a controller failure (Throttled).
I ended up calling up MS support and they mentioned that get-mailbox is being deprecated and for cloud usage the Compliance search needs to be used.
They also mentioned that get-mailbox is throttled but Compliance search is not.