Search a setting in Group Policy in Powershell?

I want to test if a particular Computer security setting is actually set in any of our domain wide GPO’s and found this script:

…but it had typos (I corrected) and still doesn’t work.

How do I search for say these two settings?

[Policies\WindowsSettings\SecuritySettings\LocalPolicies\Security Options]
Domain member: Digitally encrypt or sign secure channel data
Domain member: Digitally encrypt secure channel data

Get-GPOReport is pretty basic.

There are lot’s of resources that show how to do GPO search with PS, those settings notwithstanding.
MS even has scripts for sort of search.

Search all GPOs in a domain for a string This is a simple Powershell script that uses the Group Policy cmdlets to search for a string within GPOs. The only input is the string to search for. ''

As well as others have provided samples to experiment with… Examples I’ve looked into previously…

Find specific setting in GPO

GPO Setting Search Powershell Example

Powershell – Search all Group Policies (GPO) for a string

Method 2: Searching Group Policy with PowerShell

Find all registry settings in a managed gpo Seems silly that get-gpregistryvalue doesn’t have a recursive option.

thanks postanote. The “search String” ps1 is slick but won’t find if a setting is set. I tested it using the search string “Enforce password” for which I know we have implemented in our Default Domain policy, yet the ps1 doesn’t find this setting.

So, I’ll try your other suggestions.


GPO Setting Search Powershell Example ''

This one seems helpful provided I plug in the correct paramters however, I have yet to corroborate those with what I am seeking.
All 3 of the settings are found here: Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options

and the settings I want to see if enabled are:

Set Domain member: Digitally encrypt or sign secure channel data (always) to Enabled.
Set Domain member: Digitally encrypt secure channel data (when possible) to Enabled.
Set Domain member: Digitally sign secure channel data (when possible) to Enabled.

In the script, it’ll ask for

  • -IsComputerConfiguration
  • I set to $true
  • -Extension
  • I'm not sure what to set here
  • -Where
  • I set to Name
  • -Is
  • I set to ???

    What values should I set?

    You may have to check the registry entries themselves, and use process monitor (filter category = write) to figure out what registry changes happen. This is one of them:

    Time of Day             Process Name    PID     Operation       Path                                                                            Result  Detail       
    2:27:46.8702663 PM      services.exe    692     RegSetValue     HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters\RequireSignOrSeal    SUCCESS Type: REG_DWORD, Length: 4, Data: 1

    but this approach seems to be getting information from a computer that has received the setting and I’m 1) only running the script on the PDC (not a servers registry for the value) and 2) not querying the registry.

    With hundreds of GPOs sitting in Sysvol, I want to query if any of those GPOs has the 3 settings set. These settings may in fact not be set. I’d like to ascertain that.

    Maybe there’s some way to explore the adobjects (group policy container?) of a gpo with the settings you’re interested in. This is as far as I know. I was thinking of automating deploying printers, but never got it to work.

    $gpo = Get-GPO 'requiresignorseal'
    $id = $
    get-adobject -filter * -SearchBase "cn={$id},cn=policies,cn=system,DC=me,DC=com" -properties *

    Certainly interesting but wouldn’t know how to find the setting with these returned properties.

       TypeName: Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADObject
    Name                            MemberType            Definition                                                                                                                         
    ----                            ----------            ----------                                                                                                                         
    Contains                        Method                bool Contains(string propertyName)                                                                                                 
    Equals                          Method                bool Equals(System.Object obj)                                                                                                     
    GetEnumerator                   Method                System.Collections.IDictionaryEnumerator GetEnumerator()                                                                           
    GetHashCode                     Method                int GetHashCode()                                                                                                                  
    GetType                         Method                type GetType()                                                                                                                     
    ToString                        Method                string ToString()                                                                                                                  
    Item                            ParameterizedProperty Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADPropertyValueCollection Item(string propertyName) {get;}                                    
    CanonicalName                   Property              System.String CanonicalName {get;}                                                                                                 
    CN                              Property              System.String CN {get;}                                                                                                            
    Created                         Property              System.DateTime Created {get;}                                                                                                     
    createTimeStamp                 Property              System.DateTime createTimeStamp {get;}                                                                                             
    Deleted                         Property              System.Boolean Deleted {get;}                                                                                                      
    Description                     Property              System.String Description {get;set;}                                                                                               
    DisplayName                     Property              System.String DisplayName {get;set;}                                                                                               
    DistinguishedName               Property              System.String DistinguishedName {get;set;}                                                                                         
    dSCorePropagationData           Property              Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADPropertyValueCollection dSCorePropagationData {get;}                                        
    flags                           Property              System.Int32 flags {get;set;}                                                                                                      
    gPCFileSysPath                  Property              System.String gPCFileSysPath {get;set;}                                                                                            
    gPCFunctionalityVersion         Property              System.Int32 gPCFunctionalityVersion {get;set;}                                                                                    
    gPCMachineExtensionNames        Property              System.String gPCMachineExtensionNames {get;set;}                                                                                  
    gPCUserExtensionNames           Property              System.String gPCUserExtensionNames {get;set;}                                                                                     
    gPCWQLFilter                    Property              System.String gPCWQLFilter {get;set;}                                                                                              
    instanceType                    Property              System.Int32 instanceType {get;}                                                                                                   
    isCriticalSystemObject          Property              System.Boolean isCriticalSystemObject {get;set;}                                                                                   
    isDeleted                       Property              System.Boolean isDeleted {get;}                                                                                                    
    LastKnownParent                 Property              System.String LastKnownParent {get;}                                                                                               
    Modified                        Property              System.DateTime Modified {get;}                                                                                                    
    modifyTimeStamp                 Property              System.DateTime modifyTimeStamp {get;}                                                                                             
    Name                            Property              System.String Name {get;}                                                                                                          
    nTSecurityDescriptor            Property              System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectorySecurity nTSecurityDescriptor {get;set;}                                                   
    ObjectCategory                  Property              System.String ObjectCategory {get;}                                                                                                
    ObjectClass                     Property              System.String ObjectClass {get;set;}                                                                                               
    ObjectGUID                      Property              System.Nullable`1[[System.Guid, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089]] ObjectGUID {get;set;}
    ProtectedFromAccidentalDeletion Property              System.Boolean ProtectedFromAccidentalDeletion {get;set;}                                                                          
    sDRightsEffective               Property              System.Int32 sDRightsEffective {get;}                                                                                              
    showInAdvancedViewOnly          Property              System.Boolean showInAdvancedViewOnly {get;set;}                                                                                   
    systemFlags                     Property              System.Int32 systemFlags {get;}                                                                                                    
    uSNChanged                      Property              System.Int64 uSNChanged {get;}                                                                                                     
    uSNCreated                      Property              System.Int64 uSNCreated {get;}                                                                                                     
    versionNumber                   Property              System.Int32 versionNumber {get;set;}                                                                                              
    whenChanged                     Property              System.DateTime whenChanged {get;}                                                                                                 
    whenCreated                     Property              System.DateTime whenCreated {get;}