Result Get-Aduser and Net user in one table


I’m pretty new to Powershell but I already noticed that it has made my work faster and easier to find some simple information. Right now i’m figuring out how to combine result from Get-Aduser and Net user together into one Format List.

The reason I want this is because the net user command gives me a lot of information I don’t need. Except for the PasswordExpirationDate. With Get-ADUser, I can’t get that specific information.

This is what I got so far.

Get-ADUser username -Properties | fl DisplayName, SamAccountName, LastLogonDate, PasswordExpired, PasswordExpires, PasswordLastSet, AccountExpirationDate, Mobile, telephoneNumber, extensionAttribute1

The command is working fine, but I can’t find the solution to add the ExpirationDate of the password into that format list.

Could someone help me? Any improvement suggestions are also welcome, just trying to learn the language :slight_smile:

You have a couple of small problems, first there is no ‘standard’ property “PasswordExpires”, it’s “PasswordNeverExpires”. It’s best to define the properties you want returned from Active Directory, like so:

Get-ADUser -Identity USERNAME -Properties DisplayName, SamAccountName, LastLogonDate, PasswordExpired, PasswordNeverExpires, PasswordLastSet, AccountExpirationDate, Mobile, telephoneNumber, extensionAttribute1

Be careful with Format-* commands because they stop the pipeline. You cannot do Get-AdUser … | Format-List … | Export-CSV …

There are some free e-books above including Powershell Gotchas that are great beginner resources

Great, PowerShell makes our life easier and it will surprise you in each and every moment with its capabilities on the go.

Here you are using two APIs

  • PowerShell cmdlet (Get-ADUser)
  • net.exe (native executable)
PowerShell cmdlet returns objects and net use returns text and you need a combined result. At a high level, you can use PSCustomObjects and in many other ways. Here I'll show another method using calculate properties.
Get-ADUser -Identity username -properties * | Select-Object -Property DisplayName, LastLogonDate, PasswordExpired, PasswordLastSet, AccountExpirationDate, Mobile, telephoneNumber, extensionAttribute1, @{E={((net user username /domain|Select-String -Pattern 'Password expires') -split 'Password expires')[-1].Trim() };L='PasswordExpires'}
For learning PowerShell, You can always start with

Thank you both for your replies. I got it working with the solution kvprasoon gave me, but I learned from both of you!

The PSCostomObject is a little hard, but I will read the article.

Thank you both again!