Request / Idea: OneNote collaboration

Forums are great for questions and answers, and lengthy discussions. I think that it’d be cool to have a community OneNote notebook where people can add their DSC snippets, examples of their configurations, cool web results they found to share and review later, etc. And with things like, it’s possible to add RSS feeds to OneNote. Since OneNote is searchable and OCR’s images, it could easily become the one stop knowledgebase that keeps on giving.

I would love to see the forums be the “get help” resource, and something like a OneNote notebook be the “you can look here for examples” resource.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to set something up, and I’d be happy to point people to it. We’ve tried wiki-isn stuff in the past and it hasn’t been especially well-received in terms of participation, but always up for trying again.

I wouldn’t want to set up an alternative code repository. There are already so many - the TechNet Script Gallery,, etc. And my difficulty with collaborative repositories in the past is keeping them organized so that they’re not just a giant code dump or random articles. For example, if people are just going to re-post interesting articles… that’s basically Reddit, if not an outright Google search. So I think it’d be important to outline exactly what this is supposed to be, what it isn’t, and how you envision it being used.

But if you think you’ve got a solution for this that’ll be useful to the community - jump in and do it!