DSC Config Library

I was toying with the idea of building a DSC configuration library (similar to the Powershell Gallery) as i have already built a DSC Script/MOF generator to manage my scripts and Nodes (first iteration and a work in progress).
The new web site would allow anyone to login and create DSC Configurations using any modules from the Powershell Gallery and letting them flag it as for public use, my idea is to only store agnostic information (no node names or service account info of course) and to generate as required.
If it is a public use configuration that required node name etc then the person downloading it would enter that info in at download time and the new DSC script or MOF would be generated with their specific info.

Does anyone think it would be useful as a public domain.
Or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated or if anyone would like to contribute.

I think it could be useful, like a basic configuration library (here’s a best practice setup for Web Servers, Exchange Servers, etc…). Just make sure that the files are machine name agnostic so all that would be necessary is pointing the configuration at a psd1 file and BAM you get your mof.

Not sure how this can be differentiated from really strong documentation though. Just my 2 cents.

That is the goal of this effort. Feedback welcome.

An interesting effort, i look forward to seeing more.

I started with the idea of building a DSC Generator and possibly commercializing it (lots of work :slight_smile: ) but i am thinking of making it a free download and also using it as the base to create the DSC Library site i mentioned.
There are a few videos of use cases :