Replicate DNS Entries

My script reads a file with the List of DNS entries and then it replicates those DNS entries to a set of target DNS servers from the source DNS server where the DNS changes were made, so that those updates are seen on those sites quickly.

I would like some assistance on how to make this code more efficient so that it could execute faster

$CurrentDirectory = split-path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition #Set Command Path

#Clearing the DNS Server and Client CACHE

Clear-DnsServerCache -Force

$flag = 1

#CSV file with the DNS entries that need to be replicated

$HostNames = Import-Csv $CurrentDirectory\..\Config\DNS.csv

#Filter out a subset of the DNS servers that need to be updated

$DNSServers = resolve-dnsname -Type -- NS $Comp.Source_Domain | where {$ -contains $Comp.Source_Domain} | select namehost | where {$_.namehost -match 'rco|sto|poz|hyd|che'} | where {$_.namehost -notmatch $Comp.DC}

foreach ($Hostname in $HostNames) {

try {

$DSN = ""
$DSN = Get-DnsServerResourceRecord -Name $Hostname.Source_Name -ZoneName $Hostname.Source_Domain -RRType $Hostname.Source_Type -ComputerName $Hostname.DC | select -ExpandProperty distinguishedname -ErrorAction Stop

if($DSN -eq $null) { throw "Record Does Not Exist" }

foreach($DNSServer in $DNSServers) {

try{ Sync-ADObject -object $DSN -source $Hostname.DC -Destination $DNSServer.NameHost ;Write-Host $DNSServer }

Catch [Exception] { Write-Output "Unable to SYNC Object for $($Hostname.Source_Name) , From $($Hostname.DC) to $($DNSServer.NameHost) Failed With $($_.Exception.GetType().Fullname) - $($_.Exception.Message) - $($_.CategoryInfo.Category) " | Out-File $CurrentDirectory\ERROR.txt -Append }


Catch [Exception] {

Write-Output "$($Hostname.Source_Name) Lookup failed on $($Hostname.DC) Exception $($_.Exception.GetType().Fullname) - $($_.Exception.Message) - $($_.CategoryInfo.Category) " | Out-File $CurrentDirectory\ERROR.txt -Append


finally {}