Replacing pslist -s

I make heavy use of the Sysinternals tool pslist -s to monitor specific processes on remote servers. I use it as a way to keep tabs on something I’ve got running remotely – for example, I’ll issue pslist -s tiworker \\SERVER01 to monitor a server that’s patching.

Has anyone discovered a PowerShell replacement for this?

You can always use PowerShell remoting with Invoke-Command

Or if the cmdlet supports remoting by itself you can use its parameter -ComputerName . For PowerShell v5.1 it works with Get-Process

Thanks Olaf! (I think you’ve helped before as well, thanks again for that)!

Invoke-Command -ComputerName {Get-Process tiworker} was the way I was going, however it doesn’t seem to perform the continuous updating that pslist -s tiworker would (the -s switch is what does this). Are you aware of a method to get that real-time data?

Ah … sorry, I’m not familiar with pslist.

If you want to have a loop you have to use a loop. :wink: You could do an infinite loop you interrupt if you don’t need anymore or you set a condition until the loop loops. :wink:

Invoke-Command -ComputerName {Get-Process tiworker}

Just to mention it at least once … you have to provide a computername after the paramter -ComputerName. You know that, don’t you? :wink:

Ha! Yep, I just left out the variable.

Thanks for looking!! Happy Holidays!