Replace test in array

so i have an array of users around 17,000.

there are lots of columns but for this i will stick with 2


Name               Lastlogontimestamp
User1              131648355872511827
User2              131652816687365046
User3              131653273083137594

i want to replace the $users.laslogontimestamp with the $userts entry
what i have so far is producing the date but im struggling to get it back into the original $users

foreach ($user in $users)
    $userts = [DateTime]::FromFileTime($user.lastlogontimestamp)
    $userts -replace $user.lastLogonTimestamp

Wouldn’t be something like this enough?

$user.lastlogontimestamp = [DateTime]::FromFileTime($user.lastlogontimestamp)

Many thanks Olaf, again think i was trying to overthink it :slight_smile: