remove users from NTFS

trying to figure out how to remove users after they are added to the NTFS, under IIS

currently users get permissions to sites DSC script via:

                    Name             = 'test'
                    Authors          = ('user1', 'user2','WebGroup')
                    IISAnonymousUser = 'IUSR'
                    PhysicalPath     = 'Unique'
                    Ensure           = 'Present'

foreach ($SiteAuthor in $Site.SiteAuthors)
cNTFSPermission ($FQDN + “SiteAuthor” + $SiteAuthor)
Ensure = “Present”
Account = “domain$SiteAuthor”
Access = “Allow”
Path = “D:\inetpub$FQDN”
Rights = “FullControl”
DependsOn = “[File]$Folder_Root_Resource”

            #$AllAuthors += New-object -type PSObject -Property @{'Role'=$Node.Role; 'Author'=$SiteAuthor}

anyone have a suggestion on removing them? if i remove them from the Authors field they don’t get removed from the windows NTFS side.

That may be a design problem with the DSC resource, then. It -should- be written so that if the ACL doesn’t match what you’ve specified, it blows it away and re-applies what you want. I’d take that up with the module’s author(s).