Remoting to my own VM

Hi, I am getting following error when I try to enter remote session of my VM computer. Remoting is enabled but VM is not in a same domain as my host computer’s. I can’t make a trust relationship between two as this is my work laptop. Is there a workaround to this?

> Enter-PSSession : Connecting to remote server {VM} failed with the following error
> message : WinRM cannot process the request. The following error with errorcode
> 0x80090311 occurred while using Kerberos authentication: There are currently no logon
> servers available to service the logon request.
> Possible causes are:
> -The user name or password specified are invalid.
> -Kerberos is used when no authentication method and no user name are specified.
> -Kerberos accepts domain user names, but not local user names.
> -The Service Principal Name (SPN) for the remote computer name and port does not exist.
> -The client and remote computers are in different domains and there is no trust
> between the two domains.

Can you join the VM to the same domain as your work PC? That would be the simplest resolution I can think of.

Review “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting” - it’s on the Resources/EBooks menu here. There are specific instructions for connecting to machines across domain boundaries. You’ll need to read it carefully, as it’s very detailed. You would probably be fine using the TrustedHosts method, which is the simpler of the two, but please read all the details first.