New-PSSession Across Different Domains


I work for an MSP and I would like to do implicit remoting on remote servers that are on different domains. When I try to do New-PSSession with a server, for example New-Pssession -computername SERVER1 -credentials domain\administrator, and after entering in the password, I get the error: “WinRM cannot
process the request. The following error with errorcode 0x80090311 occurred while using Kerberos authentication: There
are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.”

I have winrm configured on the server. I’ve also tried this in a run command: runas /user:"[domain]\administrator" /netonly “powershell” and then New-PSSession with no luck.

I’ve checked the about_remote_Troubleshooting but nothing seems relevant.

Is there something that I need to do with trusted hosts? Any help is greatly appreciated.


See “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting” on our free Ebooks menu here. There’s a section on this.

Briefly, the default Kerberos authentication can’t work except in domains or within trust boundaries. You need to enable and specify another authentication mechanism. The safe way is to use only HTTPS and then Basic authentication. Do not use Basic with HTTP, as it will reveal credentials in clear-text.

But the ebook goes into great detail.