"Remoting not supported in WinPE" (but it's not WinPE!)

We have a Windows 8.1 Enterprise client that keeps getting this error when trying to do remoting:

(pre)Invoke-Command : Windows PowerShell remoting is not supported in the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE).(/pre)

For some reason PowerShell thinks that the machine is running in the WinPE environment. But the machine is not.

Does anyone here know how PowerShell checks if it is running under WinPE?


To clarify things, do you get the error when you are trying to connect to the Windows 8.1 Enterprise machine,
or when you are trying to connect to another machine from the Windows 8.1 Enterprise machine?

PowerShell looks for the following registry key; if this exists, it assumes the system is Windows PE and won’t allow you to run Remoting commands: