reg.exe throws an error on success in remote session


Seeing oddity below when executing reg.exe remotely. Despite message that it’s completed successfully it still throws an error

PS C:\Users\admin> Enter-PSSession containerhost1
[containerhost1]: PS C:\Users\admin\Documents> reg export hklm\software\odbc\odbc.ini a.reg
The operation completed successfully.

[containerhost1]: PS C:\Users\admin\Documents> reg import a.reg
reg : The operation completed successfully.
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (The operation completed successfully.:String) [], RemoteException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : NativeCommandError

Is the second one attempting to write to HKCU, by chance?

No. I exported something from HKLM in `reg export` right above it.

Ah, gotcha.

It’s probably still HKCU related, because you don’t get a proper HKCU in a remote session. It’s likely reg.exe is just hardcoded to do something that isn’t going to work in that context.

The problem that it throws an error at all, so when I build docker images it breaks the flow, how do I structure powershell call that no stderror is returned?

Huh. You could try redirecting the error pipeline into the success pipeline, and then piping the command to Out-Null. That should keep anything out of stderr.

Thanks. This works reg import a.reg *>&1 | out-null