Reboot Dependent Servers in sequence Powershell

Hello Everyone,

I am horribly stuck into a challenge for designing a powershell code to reboot a list of servers from a CSV depending on a Sequence Number.










This is how the CSV looks like with Server Name and its Sequence to be rebooted.


  • Servers with same sequence number should be rebooted at a time together followed by a delay and then the Next sequence server to be rebooted.

Ex, ServerA & ServerG are with same sequence number ‘1’ hence to be rebooted together and then ServerD & ServerE since its sequence number is 2…followed by 3 and 4 and 5…

I am seeking for suggestions on how shall I proceed or any bits or piece of code that would help me…

Thanks in Advance _/_

Restart-Computer is the Cmdlet which will restart the computers, the paramater -ComputerName
accepts multiple computer names at a time.
you can use this as simple as you can like.

  1. You can run it through the console as
    Restart-Computer -Computername, [or]
    Restart-Computer -Computername ServerA, ServerB.
    you can save this as a script also such as with name RestartSeq1.ps1

  2. you can also pick server names from a csv. [have seperate sequence server names in seperate CSV’s]
    Import-CSV -Path D:\Names.csv | Restart-Computer

  3. if you have Server names in a text file with one name per line.
    Get-Content -Path D:\Names.txt | Restart-Computer

you can learn more on this by typing in the powershell console.

PS:>help Restart-Computer -Full
PS:>Get-Command Restart-Computer -Syntax

Looks like you want a combination of Import-Csv, Group-Object, Sort-Object, and Restart-Computer. Something along these lines:

$data = Import-Csv DependentList.csv

$sequenceGroups = $data | Group-Object -Property Sequence

$sorted = $sequenceGroups | Sort-Object -Property { [int] $_.Name }

foreach ($sequenceGroup in $sorted)
    $computerNames = $sequenceGroup.Group | Select-Object -ExpandProperty CI
    Restart-Computer -ComputerName $computerNames -Wait

The generic *-Object cmdlets are, IMO, one of the main reasons to start using PowerShell in the first place. With the object-based pipeline and this built-in query language that you can apply to anything, you can do some really impressive things with very few lines of code. I think Group-Object and Sort-Object get overlooked quite a bit.