Random powershell output files in C:\windows\temp

Hi all. I have an issue that is confusing to me. I have a 2012 R2 that is running PowerShell 5.1. The C: drive ran out of space. Looking into why it ran out of space and to free space, I found a bunch of large files in C:\windows\temp. These files all started with aao followed by a random set of numbers. When I looked into these files, I noticed console output from scripts that are running on the server. The scripts do not redirect any of the output streams to a file. There is a write-output that displays the output of a variable in the console and a write-eventlog that writes a the same variable output into a custom eventlog. The text in these files shows the output from a write-host, the output of start-job, the output of receive-job, and the output of the variable (eventlog message). How is this possible and does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advanced.

Does the log files has Windows PowerShell transcript start at the Top ? Check the script if it is transcribing or not.

I am not using the transcription functionality in Powershell. I did figure out my issue and it actually had nothing to do with PowerShell, but a scheduler program that was running the PowerShell Code.