Question on new-pssessionoption : operationtimeout, idletimeout


I have some questions on new-pssessionoption and haven’t found clear meaning.

As I see, I may able to set operationtimeout, idletimeout but it doesn’t look working when I have tests.

I figured that operationtimeout is sort of time taking to finish like command or script in the remote session.

Idletimeout is when I connected to remote session and do nothing for a specific duration?

Please clarify it for the Powershell beginner.


Hi Shaihulud,

Please go through the link below, especially in the description section of the parameters. It has a detailed explanation to your questions.

Thank you.

Thanks Kiran.

As a result of testing, Idletimeout is only working as ‘Disconnected’ status of session. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Please let know some example of operationtimeout as I want to have a test. I have no idea good example for testing.