PSWA change session expiration date

Hello all

Is there any way to change pswa session expiration date ? As far as i can see, by default, disconnected sessions are kept for 30 days i would like to change this to 2h if possible (seems i got stuck at this point :)) )

From IIS logoff is set at 30 min (working just fine)

Can this be change somehow ?





I think it should be done in IIS itself. You can try modifying the config file like mentioned in this doc:

As far ois i can tell form iis i can only define the timeout from the browser. This part works fine. It`s set to 30 min with a countdown starting at 5 min and then logoff after unfortunately i didn see anything about the disconnected sessions so after i re-login i have the option to reenter the expired session and its expiration date is in 30 days