Question of possiblity for help section?

While creating a script today a question wandered through my mind.
Is it possible to call specific section within help, and or return information?

For instance

      Created by: me
      Created on: today
      Version: 20141015.1

Could I

 get-help get-script.notes 
to return the notes section then if I wanted to focus down to Version I could?

Just something to throw out there.

Thank you very much for any input.
Have a great day.


Get-Help Get-Service | Get-Member

You’ll see that help is actually stored and parsed as objects, not plain text, and the various sections are accessible as properties. You can’t use the syntax you suggested.

Get-Help Get-Service | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Notes

Would be more accurate, I think, as a pattern. This doesn’t apply to about_ files, which are just plain text.

Wow that works great Don,
Thank you very much for the direction on this.