Few results using About

Why do I get only a few results when I type in ‘get-help about’?

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> cd\
PS C:\> get-help about

Name                              Category  Module                    Synopsis
----                              --------  ------                    --------
about_BeforeEach_AfterEach        HelpFile                            performed
about_Mocking                     HelpFile                            Pester pro
about_Pester                      HelpFile                            Pester is
about_should                      HelpFile                            Provides a
about_TestDrive                   HelpFile                            A PSDrive

Thank you.

This is a known problem. You can either copy them from a working machine or use this script to fix the problem.

Use asterisks or a wildcard to filter your search or just ‘help about’ to get a full HelpFile list.

PS C:\> get-help about_*fun*

Name                              Category  Module                    Synopsis
----                              --------  ------                    --------
about_Functions                   HelpFile                            Describes how to create and use functions in Windows 
about_Functions_Advanced          HelpFile                            Introduces advanced functions that act similar to cmdlets.
about_Functions_Advanced_Methods  HelpFile                            Describes how functions that specify the CmdletBinding attribute can use

Many thanks to you both for your replies and for the link, Matt.

I have just run it in PS and will try again!