Query for MongoLab In Azure

I’m looking for the cmdlet to query and find a MongoLab instance that a developer setup in Azure.

I can’t seem to find the correct cmdlet for this type of thing? I don’t see cmdlets in the Azure ASM modules for this resource type: App Service

If anyone can steer me in the correct direction I’d be grateful.

I’d first like to do a “inventory/audit” of what I have so that I can then explore how to create it.

A lot of Azure isn’t directly exposed in cmdlets; you’re meant to fall back to their REST API in those cases.

Ok thank you. I did get an answer from the Azure Marketplace team at Microsoft they informed me they had an example of what you are describing in this article.


Example of what you are talking about:

$allGalleryItems = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "https://gallery.azure.com/Microsoft.Gallery/GalleryItems?api-version=2015-04-01&includePreview=true" | ConvertFrom-Json

Thanx for your reply Don.