PSWA - Limit on simultaneous connections

Hi Folks,

It’s Science Week here in Ireland and parents are asked to come into the school and present a STEM (Sci/Tech/Eng/Math) session.

You’ve guessed it I’m doing a little PoSh demo for 11/12 year olds.

#How Long to Christmas
New-TimeSpan -end (Get-date -day 25 -month 12 -Year 2015)
New-TimeSpan -end (Get-date -day 25 -month 12 -Year 2015 -hour 00 -minute 00 -second 01)

The kids have iPads and I have PSWA set-up on an AWS server. The idea is that I get them to login to PSWA and check how long since they were born.

New-TimeSpan -end (Get-date -day 01 -month 11 -Year 2003)

Works ok so far, but there are 25 students. I’ll set them all up with a login but I’m worried if the PowerShell Web Access Gateway has limit on the number of concurrent connections. Any idea?



Just an update on this. It looks like all I can get it one concurrent connection working. I can sign in as many users as I like. However, when I run a command I get logged out in all but one session.

The message is that I have been signed out after a a period of inactivity. Thereafter when I try login I get the following message . . .

“The Windows PowerShell Web Access gateway cannot establish a connection to the destination computer. Contact the gateway administrator. The error at the gateway is: The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The maximum number of users executing remote operations has been exceeded for this plugin. Retry the request later or raise the quota for concurrent users”

So any ideas where I can raise the user quota? Can’t find it anywhere.

I tested this with my colleague and was able to get two concurrent connections (myself and my colleague). WinRM may have a limit on concurrent connections though but by default the quota is 25 concurrent connections:

Just wondering, when you were testing, were you connecting all from your own machine with the same IE window? If that is the case I’d suggest using In-Private browsing for testing as you may be inadvertently logging out of another session when logging into a new session in another tab/window.

I was testing this at home at the weekend where I’ve only one machine. I tried the Incognito Mode but PSWA still terminated my session for anything above 1 connection.

Back in work today and tried simultaneous connections from three different machines, good news like you said Peter it is allowing multiple sessions.

Also it will allow multiple sessions if I use different browsers on the same machine.

Happy to hear the quota is 25 sessions as that’s exactly how many students there are in the class.



Actually the limit was 10 concurrent users but I changed it as follows.

winrm set winrm/config/winrs ‘@{MaxConcurrentUsers=“25”}’